Hey, I'm Catalina

An environmental compliance specialist, dedicated to helping you achieve environmental compliance goals by using a mis of traditional & tech solutions.

Eight years ago I accepted an internship as a compliance specialist while I was still a law student. This changed my life completely!

During my career, I worked hard to improve my knowledge of chemical and environmental compliance. I did them all: chemical compliance, product compliance, EPR, sustainability, eco-design, and more. And let me tell you, the more challenging I see a topic more motivated I am to deliver great results.

At the same time, I am passionate about technology, and that's why I wrote a book on how tech will change the legal landscape. And who says that tech and compliance can't work together?

To prove that it's possible to use tech as our friend, I developed a compliance tool for a company I worked for. The result? Time efficiency and data accuracy when it comes to assessing obligations based on EU/Global regulations.

Since then I have dedicated myself to learning SQL and Python, data analysis, and any other new tool that is out there and can help. My goal is to help stakeholders leverage technology to achieve environmental compliance goals.

So if you're looking for an environmental compliance specialist who's also a tech nerd, look no further, I am your person. I am here to deliver results and drive positive change. Let's connect and embark on transformative ventures together.

This is how I can help you

Environmental Compliance

Waste regulations, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), labelling your products, SCIP database, RoHS. I've got you covered!

Chemical Compliance

Circular Economy & Sustainability

I can help you to create a Sustainability Program and get in line with Circular Economy goals by 2030.

Tech Solutions

Tailore-made compliance plan that will ensure compliance with REACH, Biocides and PFAS.

Bring compliance to the next level by designing and implementing tech solutions that will save you time and money.

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