Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation Explained


7/17/20231 min read

Be compliant with the new Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation. Everything you need to know, plus a tip for non-EU companies.

📌 If you manufacture batteries or sell batteries in the EU, you have obligations. Also, if you sell products containing batteries.

📌 All batteries are in scope, including electric vehicle batteries.

📌 You must register with the national authorities in each EU country where you sell. And, extended producer responsibility for batteries is mandatory.

📌 Do not forget about the CE marking and the EU declaration of conformity. Also, you need to create technical documentation of the battery.

📌 Some types of batteries will need a battery passport available via a QR code.

If you are a non-EU producer selling to the EU, you need to appoint an authorized representative to help you with your obligations.

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