REACH Regulation Explained


Catalina Dobre

6/19/20231 min read

Be compliant with the REACH regulation - everything you need to know

📌 In the EU, under REACH everyone is accountable: producers, importers, and suppliers are responsible for ensuring compliance of their products!

📌 REACH applies to almost everything - chemical substances, mixtures, and articles.

📌 If you are in the chemical business, registering substances placed on the market in a quantity of more than 1 tonne per year is a must.

📌 Even for chemical substances used in articles - if they're present in those articles in over 1 tonne per year and are meant to be released under normal use, register them.

📌 Keep an eye on the Authorization List (Annex XIV). If a substance is listed there, you need to apply for authorization before the specified due date.

*REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is an EU regulation adopted to protect human health and the environment from the risk posed by chemical substances. Complying shows that you are committed to safety and sustainability.

📌 Another list to watch: the Restriction List (Annes XVII). It applies specific conditions of use or bans for substances listed.

📌 Don't forget to check the Candidate List (SVHCs) regularly. These substances may become restricted or potential candidates for authorization.

📌 If you're conducting R&D activities with substances, you may be exempt from registration only if your usage is below 1 tonne per year.

📌 When it comes to labelling, REACH goes hand in hand with CLP regulation. Label your products correctly to inform users of any risks.

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