SCIP Database - five things you need to know


6/22/20231 min read

Be compliant with the SCIP database - five things you need to know:

📌 SCIP is a database intended to track hazardous substances in products in a concentration above 0.1%. It’s all about promoting transparency and safer alternatives for a circular economy.

📌 It’s not just about gadgets! From electronics to textiles, toys to packaging – anything that’s an article is in the scope of SCIP requirements.

📌 Manufacturers, importers, and some suppliers (except retailers selling directly to customers) must comply with SCIP. Don't let non-compliance be a roadblock to your success!

📌 ECHA's Candidate List for hazardous substances gets updated twice a year. Keep an eye on that!

📌 Think about your company’s image! Be transparent and maintain a good reputation. Remember, the SCIP database is public; consumers, NGOs, and others can check it out.

Stay ahead of the game with SCIP requirements and show your commitment to safety, sustainability, and compliance! 🌍

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